Crawlspace Comedy Theatre

Crawlspace Comedy Theatre is Kalamazoo’s home for improv and sketch comedy. If you’ve got a craving for the odd, the spontaneous, and the hilarious, this is the place for you. Crawlspace Comedy’s flagship team Crawlspace Eviction has been entertaining Kalamazoo with its unique brand of comedy since 2003. CCT has produced many teams over the years including Kind of Pretty Women, t&a, Family Secret, Small Victories, & Joyce2Men. If you’ve got a funny bone, we’re sure to find a way to aggravate it in all the right ways. Plus, since learning improv is something that everyone can benefit from, Crawlspace Comedy Theatre teaches improv classes for all ages. Whether you’re interested in performance or want improv skills to improve personal communication, you’re welcome here. Every reason for learning improv is legit.


Crawlspace Comedy Theatre

Kalamazoo, MI 49007

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(269) 599-7390

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