Kalamazoo Experiential Learning Center

The Kalamazoo Experiential Learning Center is located in the heart of Downtown Kalamazoo and it is an onsite workplace for college interns that strategically place students in placemaking initiatives. What is placemaking? We design events that change the way in which people interact with their public spaces. And, when we aren't creating cool events like KalamaTopia, Food Truck Rallys, Do-Dah Parade, or KDPS Block Parties, we are working for our clients that create pretty cool events too. But, at the core, we empower our interns and create educational opportunities for practical experience in marketing, public relations and event management. As a placemaking change agent, the Kalamazoo Experiential Learning Center is dedicated to the promise of connecting interns with community organizations through a consulting management network. And, we also like to host some of our own events. It's about creating energy and a vibe in downtown that just gets better each year.


Kalamazoo, MI 49007

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(269) 388-2830

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