Stock Options for Beginners

May 8, 2021, 1:00pm - 2:00pm

Pontiac Public Library


Saturdays, 02/20, 03/20, 05/08, 1-2pm, Zoom-Facebook: Perfect for those who want to take their Wall Street trading game to a deeper level. You will get introduced to the lucrative opportunities that exist in the options market. And, of course, ask as many question(s) you like. The class is instructed by Urban America's Wall Street Coach: Ken "Blanks" Harrell. He provides key terms, lecture, videos, homework and quizzes. You will also have the opportunity to record your coaching sessions to your device. We recommended that you are familiar with the concepts of Technical Analysis before taking this class, specifically "Support and Resistance". 02/20: Session #1: • What are stock options • How do options work • Why trade options • Money-ness • How to read an options chain • Q & A session 03/20: Session: #2: • How are options priced • Meet the Greeks • Profit & Loss diagrams • Q & A session 05/08: Session #3: • How to trade Options on Robinhood • Income Strategies (weekly & monthly) • How to pick the best option to buy or sell • Q & A session

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