The English Auctioneer

Let Charles Wickins, The English Auctioneer, turn your next charity auction into a fun, memorable, and profitable event! A professional auto auctioneer for over 10 years, Charles now only auctions for charity and online. The auctioneer needs to make the auction fast, fun and exciting, without overwhelming the guests. Charles has the right balance of timing, pace, and that impeccable English wit. The right auctioneer DOES make a difference. Tension and anticipation are essential to an auction, and the pace must be set by the auctioneer, not the crowd. At cattle and car auctions the tempo and tone reach a pitch that is inappropriate for charity auctions, and it would intimidate the audience. If you are planning a charity auction, remember that a "free," or volunteer auctioneer is very seldom free. The right auctioneer doesn't cost you Money, he makes you Money!! “I am more than just a ‘bid taker.’ I set the pace and turn the auction into a fun and memorable event. This is especially important to the majority of the crowd who, let's be honest, are not there for the auction.” “When you hire me, you get more than just an auctioneer, you get an active participant who has years of experience on auction committees, many as Chairperson.” Charles also offers references and a money back guarantee. "I had a great time. Everything went very, very well. You were definitely a part of that and I am very thankful. Again you did a great job. It was a pleasure having you there." - Nancy Furman, Steppingstone Schools


Birmingham, MI 48009

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