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It’s almost like some sort of ancestral livelihood is encoded in our DNA. Even as a child I recall the stirrings of a restaurateur in my soul. I come from a long line of farmers, cooks and gardeners. I was raised with a respect for the Earth and the bounty it gives us. When the summer harvest kicked in my mother and grandmother would cook, can and pickle everything in sight. My father made wine as a hobby and I fondly remember weekend trips in the fall to the vineyards to pick grapes for that year’s bottling. When I was about ten, I would make my younger sister play “restaurant”. She would sit under the umbrella table on our patio and I would create a menu, take her order, cook her meal, serve and clean up. My first “real” restaurant job was at the age of 14 working in a seafood market and chowder house. I went on to work at some of the best dining establishments in the Detroit area. In 1997 my dream of being a restaurateur led me to open my own place in the funky little bank building we call home. Over the years we have truly created a cool and refreshing vibe. I am blessed to share my passion with a great talented team. Our focus is fresh, creative, and seasonal combined with warm and caring hospitality. It’s true what they say about the restaurant business, it is one of the toughest. Had my ups and downs over the years, in spite of long hours, hard work, weekends and holidays, my love for the restaurant industry has never waivered. And, oh boy, have I been tested! For every near catastrophe, there has been a pure triumph. Guests have become close friends and staff have become family. All those years ago I really did know what I wanted to be when I grew up. I am sure glad this profession chose me.


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